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JazLyte's News

Posted by JazLyte - April 13th, 2010

--followed by 2 gallons of chocolate milk and burning oatmeal.

It'll take Synergy to get rid of that shit.

20% left to go before I take an attempt to waste another 7 minutes of your life.

Squeezing out a hot 14 lb boulder--

Posted by JazLyte - April 6th, 2010

Is it just me, or are people mad fucking protective of Sonic and it's characters for some reason? Now don't get me wrong, I was a Sonic fiend in the early 90's and Sonic 3+Knux for Genesis is definitely one of my favorite games but I mean come on? Will you look at the way people get all hot and pissed when somebody makes something like this? Check out the reviews.

I remember seeing a fucking hilarious flash of Sonic getting raped by Robotnik that had real voice clips from the later games (Nazo Unleashed style), and from what I remember had decent animation too, lots of fBf...yet nothing but 0's and "GO KILL URSELF FAG U DISGRACED MASSUH SONIC YOU DID SHUCK JIVE" comments, so the guy unfortunately removed it and I haven't been able to find it since.

Anything, I mean anything, making fun of Sonic in a sexual way turns fanfic authors into werehogs. Why the fuck is that? If you happen to be one of these people who's like this, please, I'd love to know why you care so much. I love my own original characters to death, but I'd never even get like that for them. It's just jokes people.

Posted by JazLyte - April 5th, 2010

I made a YouTube account, if you love me you'll subscribe, assface.

I'll be posting speed-animate videos, previews of upcoming toonz and probably tutorials or some shit.

/* */

Posted by JazLyte - March 28th, 2010

Many of you who have seen my work may not know that every last cartoon I've made, from DevilSlayer to Magic Crack Rocks, to Vulvagaiyumi to Xenophobe...was drawn with a mouse I bought for 10 bucks at Meijer when I was 16. Yes, that's right. All of them. This mouse has gone through 20+ movies, and been there for everything. For the past 2 years it's been declining slowly, and I've searched high and low for another mouse that draws like it and I can't.

When the lag and the random double-clicking started (which caused me many-a-headache during the production of Xenophobe because it randomly exited me out of symbols and caused me to close the program and do other odd things involuntarily), I started buying more mice thinking that they all drew like this one, after all, it was the cheapest one at MEIJER. None have had the same precision. All draw with crusty, squiggly lines in flash, so I'd get refunds for them for the bad reading. (Yes, they actually gave me my money back for that. Wow.)

I think it was around 2 years ago that Newgrounds gifted me with this wonderful tablet, which has brought me much joy and fantastic art in PHOTOSHOP. But for Flash, I can't animate worth shit with it. The precision isn't nearly the same with vector, and I have been practicing since I got it but to hardly any avail. I'm trying hard to replicate my mouse style, but it's not cooperating.

So what does this mean for you? I probably won't be finishing my 67% Necropolis Synergy as soon as I expected. I am dedicated to learning to draw vector with this tablet (which I am mad grateful to Tom n them for) but if anybody else here draws/animates with a mouse like I've been and has a good suggestion for a brand that works well. PLEASE. TELL ME. Tanksbai

Posted by JazLyte - March 19th, 2010

Just some random info on my current artistic endeavors that I promise you won't affect you in any way whatsoever. Finished projects are what's important, right?

//Necropolis Ultimatum
Completion: 67%
Putting this one on hold in favor of real life, sure you guys won't lose any sleep over that 7 minutes.
Random Ass Fight Clip From Movie Here :3

Pico Day Flash
Completion: 1% xD
Storyboarding, gonna push it to the muhfuggin limit! After fucking finals.

Necropolis Comic
Completion: 5%
Bet you won't miss any hidden jokes now!

Posted by JazLyte - March 10th, 2010

Since it got largely overlooked, I'm afraid I'm going to have to whore to you my bro Grinace's animation Levitating Grounds, which features a blue-haired Puerto Rican dude blowing shit up for giggles. It's his first flash, but makes alot of people's firsts look like shit and he made the music himself, so Vote 5 and stroke his ego so he'll make more. >B)

As for meh, I'm trying to decide whether I'm going to wrap up the next Necropolis Toon this month or go ahead an get cracking on my Pico Day flash. I really don't want to rush my main shit so I think I'll do the latter. Fritters. See you next month with something, whatever the fuck it is.

You a Psychic? Levitate this, BITCH!

Posted by JazLyte - March 2nd, 2010

So I've been exploring this whole APi thing, it seems like a great idea to get some cash for your months of random labor, but umm... I don't quite get it. From what I've seen so far, it seems a bit inconsistent. For example, my short "Night With My Beloved" got 358 Ad impressions and earned a whopping 18 cents. My demo reel got 3,650 Ad impressions and made 26 cents. x_X how's a dude supposed to eat with this?

What exactly is the criteria for how much money you get anyway? Is there a views to money ratio? Is it different upon quality of the movie? Does it work if I post the flash on other sites with the same Ads? Anybody actually had SUCCESS with this? I'm totally fucking confused.

Posted by JazLyte - February 26th, 2010

We are 38% Ultimate. 6 minutes to go.

Posted by JazLyte - February 23rd, 2010

Hey guys, I made a demo reel with some kewl clips from some of my best works. Enjoy.

I've decided to keep more of a presence in the portal in-between major projects, so expect some small stuff until the next Necropolis toon is finished. Deuces.

Posted by JazLyte - February 19th, 2010

So... Newgrounds has been a part of my life for 8 years now. No shit, been coming here since I caught another kid playing Bloody Rage at summer school in 6th grade, and I haven't gone a week without checking the portal since, and my my my do the fads and shit change fast.

This one though is actually one that uh... has been going on for a few years though now... It might be just me, but it seems like the original action series is disappearing. It seems like 90% of what comes through the portal (Movie-wise, not games) is Comedy, 7% is Drama or miscellaneous, and MAYBE 3% is action cartoons, 2/3 of that percent being rushed-together sprite movies.

Obviously people love to laugh including myself, but why is it that action flashes are dying off so fast? I feel like that moment when somebody does a sick ass move that makes you point and go "OOOHHHHH!!!" is just as exhilarating as a good laugh. This is just my opinion of course, I'm not mad about it or anything, but I'd really like to feel like me, Hulalaoo, Get-Lost, Duchednier, Coldreaver and Leafworthy aren't the only ones trying to make action tales anymore that aren't somebody else's characters. Obviously that's not true, but it feels like it sometimes now that NG is on this stick-comedy kick. Ehh.

Somebody fucking create the next Xombie/XIN/Paladin already, damn!

Bi bi.

Where'd all the action go...??