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Haha, that's fun stuff with some great designs. Good shit

Mexican cartel shit in Jojo universe? Yes, please <3 Some dope designs/color and a trippy ass stand. I'm into it.

Wow, that was really goddamn entertaining, and was just constantly moving. It's a good day when shit like this shows up on NG, good stuff <3

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I now understand true sorrow.

A game of waiting.

First off, I like the premise and the idea, the whole dark, Halloween world thing is pretty cool. There was clearly alot of effort put into the presentation, but a lot of it is misplaced. This game is incredibly slow-moving with very little gameplay depth, (only one attack).

The only skill comes needed here seems to be the waiting and patience. Are you willing to WAIT for the characters to stop talking? Are you willing to WAIT 30 seconds for the little red demon guy to fly away before you can control your guy again? Are you willing WAIT for the characters to stop talking, because there's skip buttons for some things, but not one for the stuff that really needs it. Are you willing to WAIT for your character who takes 10 seconds to hold his gut and cry before you can hit the opponent back? It just takes away from the experience. It's not like there was some huge effort put into the storytelling either, like cinematic cutscenes, it's just the gameplay animations being tweened around like marionettes.

There's alot of unnecessary effort in all the wrong places, starting with the graphics. There is a ridiculous amount of tweens and filters that slow the game down badly but really don't do anything for the atmosphere but make it look tacky. Some glows, I can understand, I like glows myself, but on ALL the text? Drop Shadows on every character? Blurred fog everywhere? And then on top of that, every character was puppet "tweenimated". You have to keep in mind that this is Flash, some people with 1337 computers will get the full experience, but most people won't. Some filters you can find a way to get around the lag by exporting the filtered graphics as .pngs and .gifs and re-importing, even if you want them animated, try exporting>importing as gif sequence. When you're done with the game, if you put all your raster images on the first frame of the game/movie behind the preloader and stuff, that'll cut down lag and choppyness later on as well, because all the raster images will already be loaded by the time the player gets to them.

I don't think it was a bad idea, but you might wanna tone down all the flash-cheese and focus more on the gameplay. Presentation is important, but it should never take precedence over gamplay unless you're going to go all the way with it (Like an interactive movie). Otherwise, I'd rather see this game with frame-by-frame character animations on ONE layer in their symbols to avoid all the lag, more .pngs , less filter-rape (if you don't want to compromise on graphics), and less waiting. Seriously, good effort though, I have no doubt if you change priorities a bit that the rest of this series could be something really good.

CrippledPig responds:

Thank you for the tips, although I thought of exporting all my images as png, I never got around to it. I have made plenty of changes to remove the filters, and it seems I still have a few minor issues needed to be fixed on the forest level.

as far as waiting goes, I added "skip" buttons.

Thanks again

A masterpiece.

Never have I seen such an intense, realistic depiction of the beautiful dance that is human sex. Everything about it was just... undescribable, I was completely aroused the whole time. The women were beautiful and delicate, yet... somewhat lusty and feral, I'm not sure how to describe it. Regardless, this game gets my vote. This has driven me to go find a woman I love (Or don't) and deflour her. Bravo.

Hulalaoo responds:

God damn Jazz !

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Holy shit Cory, this is sick! I feel really dumb that I didn't see this until now, I need to get back on the internet *_*

It so captures the vibe I was going for in the picture, especially all the chaotic future stuff I pictured going on outside of the park he's in. Fucking beauteous <3

Quarl responds:

Aw thanks Kalen, best compliments ^.~

Ridiculously sexy. Puts such epic action scenes in my keep, my god, fav'd hard. I REALLY want to use this somehow.

Omega chill. <3<3

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Damn, this is a great art style <3 Big dig.

Heh. 1920x1080, gee I wonder if this is a screenshot... :3

Fantabulous, sugar booger! Now draw him bucket nekkit B)

Flikkernicht responds:

Thanks Jazzy, glad you like ;o

Oldgrounder from a mythical lost age when everybody on NG was trying to make their own anime. Keeping that fuckin dream alive B]

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