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Mexican cartel shit in Jojo universe? Yes, please <3 Some dope designs/color and a trippy ass stand. I'm into it.

Wow, that was really goddamn entertaining, and was just constantly moving. It's a good day when shit like this shows up on NG, good stuff <3

Man, this was really fuckin fun. It's been a while since I've taken in a sprite cartoon and this definitely lit me up like they used to, I'm glad people still make these. The scene of Megaman getting disrespected by those shitty weird Sentinels destroyed me. Good shit, I still like these more than the actual Avengers movies.

Great visuals and color, but there's something about the writing and comedic timing that seems made to drag out what's going on longer than it needs to be. There wasn't really any enjoyable comedy in the fact that Gramps wouldn't just tell Hayley what she was supposed to be doing. All movie he just "doesn't have time for this" but just gave her a scythe and tells her nothing and is just facepalming at the fact that she's not doing anything right with it, I found that more frustrating than comical. They don't seem like thinking characters/adults, just puppets being strung along for a lot of forced "Oh, you just don't get it!" humor, and all this made the film feel unnecessarily padded out. Storyboards are a little bland, but designs and color look great other than that. If you've been working on it for years, I have a hard time seeing future episodes not being way better.

Eeyup, we all just kinda fall back in, don't we? Beautifully done brah, thanks for the nightmares.

That was a lot of some shit happening and I wouldn't kick any of it out of bed.

Phenomenal. Fantastic plot twists and really fun visuals. GGWP.

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Hey Thanks! People seem real cool here on newgrounds, I think ill stay

This is a fucking nightmare and I love it.

Well that was fucking cool, man you never miss a beat with visual interest even when things aren't moving a lot. Bravo, love't.

Holy hell, look at this, somebody has become a goddamn monster since working in the industry. Sweet stuff, this is leagues above the last Nazo stuff we saw. Find that time, it can be done dammit! -.-;

Oldgrounder from a mythical lost age when everybody on NG was trying to make their own anime. Keeping that fuckin dream alive B]

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