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JazLyte's News

Posted by JazLyte - February 11th, 2010

Even though I try to keep my mou--...fingers shut about my projects nowadays, I can't help it. I love blogging and I love talking about my shit, so if you have a problem with it feel free to just leave a random ass sexual comment. Actually, I find those quite enjoyable. Anyways...

Necropolis Ultimatum
Possibly my biggest animated project yet? This story has been in my head, and in Word format for about 2 years now and now I'm getting tired of thinking about it. It was supposed to be Xenophobe, but Xenophobe took a COMPLETELY different direction halfway through production and is nothing like what it was intended to be. So in relation to this previous project, it'll be a direct sequel but I promise not to make it Xenophobe 2, I'm not referencing anything in the past story at all.

Story-wise, it's pretty much Romeo's revenge on the Christian church for killing Elixir, but not by ordinary means. This movie is the return of my cartoon alter-ego Jazz (Dread-headed lead-role of DevilSlayer, named after my username :P. he's not a black version of Devil May Cry's Dante anymore), he's something of a freelance medic who takes advantage of the church's street fights with Evolve. Though I'm not a Christian anymore, I got some big inspiration from the biblical book of Revalations that religious people will probably catch off the bat. I'm AIMING for the mid-March.

I'm still trying to decide if I want Necropolis to be a big thing with one story told in Episodes, or just a set of random OAVs. Meh, I know I'm splitting hairs, but I guess I really want to tell this story the right way. I've always liked the idea of making about 10 episodes then releasing them monthly after I'm done but I honestly don't think I have the focus or patience for that. Any opinions on that? What types of storylines do you prefer in cartoons, anime, and TV shows? One-shots (Most American cartoons), Story Arcs (90's X-men, Samurai Champloo), One big interweaving tale (FullMetal Alchemist, most anime)?
Yes your opinions are important to me, I'm not one of those flash animators who doesn't read reviews/comments/ opinions, I love talking to viewers so talk away. Regardless, back to animating, MORE RED BULL.

Rambles, Whoring and Shallow Promises

Posted by JazLyte - February 1st, 2010

Yeh nyukkah. Maybe summer.

Necropolis Ultimatum

Posted by JazLyte - January 7th, 2010

For the like 5 of you who saw my Vulvagaiyumi flash, the voice actor of the black woman was my homeboy Marquil and I've managed to violently drag him from Deviantart to Newgrounds to post his art. Look at it, and scout him you ffffffucks.

It's Akeem-J on here.

Home Skillet Biscuit

Posted by JazLyte - December 31st, 2009

I made a short toon just for the hell of it called Vulvagaiyumi's Day Off. Watch it.

Also, cookin' something in the kitchen. Lost some files, changed some audios, pestered some SHADOWFOX2s, but the idea and audio still remain. I would LIKE to see it in the portal at the end of this month. But me liking something doesn't necessarily mean it'll happen does it?

Point me to one anime of 09 that didn't just suck ass.

Posted by JazLyte - December 21st, 2009

I just thought I'd say this since alot of people don't seem to get it, I didn't get it until recently. When making flash, never over-think anything. It took me 4 years of animating to realize that it just doesn't fucking matter how much planning you put into a flash project, chances are unless you're Egoraptor or Chluaid, it'll probably have it's fun-run then fade into an obscurity so thick and viscous that you yourself won't really wanna watch it (Especially if you have new ideas).

Don't ever burn yourself out trying to come up with something wondering what people will think of it, nit picking at every tiny little detail hoping that people won't complain about it. There will always be haters, but there will also always be lovers. Find the shittiest spam you can find and you'll see that even it has alot of laughs and 10's. Life is wasted on inhibition and forethought, and so is flash. Make all the bullshit that pops into your head, I guarantee somebody will enjoy it.

That's all.

PS: My gay lover for the week is Retributionvox. He supplies my need for mulatto dick just like Paperbat USED TO, and if you call him, he can make it juicy for ya. Peace.

PSS: FUCK EVERY OTHER VERSION OF XMEN'S ROGUE THAN THIS ONE. God, why are you people so dead bent on making her a 14 year old emo bitch!?


Posted by JazLyte - December 10th, 2009

I was just looking through some old works on NG that I watched before I started flashing and it made me feel sentimental so I decided to post some shit people won't read about the flashers that inspire me. Hopefully some of them will read this post, get off their asses, and MAKE SOME NEW SHIT. Luv ya!

This guy is the reason my Necropolis exists on NG so go thank him if you like my shit. His animated series named after his username was the first thing I ever saw on NG. I was 11 years old. That was fucking 8 years ago, seriously. Also, he's from the D too, that was pretty kewl.
The creator of the EgoCity series who pretty much mentored me from a distance when I first started out.
Say what the fuck you may want to about LifePoint1, XIN was better than TV for me in it's hayday. I would beat somebody's ass to see them make a Season 3.
Even though this dude disappeared (Cry) I pretty could watch S.I.N. over and over, I don't know why. It's just something every anime-ish flasher needs to see at least once, it's like nobody knows he exists.
This guy pretty much is the level of animator I'm trying to compete with. His fight scenes are fucking amazing.
Story of Khale is one of the best things to hit the flash scene. That shit needs a movie.
The concept of my first series DevilSlayer was ripped from Fear Unlimited which was ripped from Devil May Cry. Nobody seemed to say anything about it, lol I don't know why. Maybe you guys were too busy looking at it's similarities to the Boondocks (Shiver >_<).

Now fellow animators, here is your homework. If you're not lazy, make a FP Post about your flash inpererer...rers... If you can't FP Post, comment it here, or blog it then link me to it in a comment or some shit...Iunno. Do something to distract me from making a Xenophobe animated series.
(Screenshot from SIN: Tortured Soul)

NG Animators that Inspire Me

Posted by JazLyte - November 30th, 2009

I'm not front paging this because frankly I don't want alot of people knowing, if I get to advertising I'll have sucked up all reason to make cartoons in the first place: my horrible overwhelming attention jones.
It's going to be the return of most of my old series main characters, will parody religion vs. progress again, and will feature a soundtrack by NG musician SHADOWFOX2 and rapper Scarr. Will feature some very familiar voice actors as well as some unknowns who need attention. I'm working on the animatic now... But I'm not giving you a release date because it'll be any one of the other 364 days of the year BUT that date, I'd clock it's progress at about 15% so it may be a sec. Deuces.

New Necropolis Toon Started

Posted by JazLyte - November 5th, 2009

It's true. he is.

Now name a mental disorder he can name this dish. The person who names the best one gets it stolen by me =D

That N***a Jazz Cookin Sumtin

Posted by JazLyte - October 18th, 2009

Hey ya'll, just thought I'd make a little blog post to say a few things that were on my mind this week. First off, thanks so much to the staff for putting my new toon Phobe on the front page, and at the top of all places. That helped make my first cartoon ever to reach over 100,000 views which may be nothing for the Rtils and Alvin Earthworms but made me the happiest motherfucker on the west side of Lansing, seriously.

I thought I'd answer a few recurring questions in reviews and PMs for people who come by my page.

Q: I didn't understand the story, there's not enough background info...
A: I made this particular toon as an analogy of how progress and tradition can clash when nobody listens to each other, and included all the info I felt necessary to get that point across. Yes, it moves fast, I know, but hopefully that helps smooth things over. I had kind of figured it was a simple concept, but maybe it's just me.

Q: Who's the main character?
A: There is none, the characters are important here, but not their individual storylines. Who's good and bad is up to the viewer I guess.

Q: What's with the bad audio quality?
A: I had to rape the hell out of the sound quality on this flash for it to fit the file size limit. Sorry it sounds bad on some parts, next toon I make, I'll just email to Tom so I don't have to do that. Nubia's ear-shattering scream however was completely intentional and meant to scare the shit out of you.

Q: Is the Necropolis Mental Disorders series going to be related to DevilSlayer?
A: Yes and no. The mythology has some of the same premise, and there's some common characters, but for future Necropolis cartoons I don't plan to make any effort to link the two stories together. DevilSlayer doesn't make any sense to me anymore and I made it.

Q: This reminds me of Samurai Champloo.
A: Champloo is one of my main inspirations, so I'd imagine so.

Q: This reminds me of the Boondocks.
A: Fuck you.

I love you Newgrounds! Keep feeding my attention jones and I'll keep making weird cartoons for you.

Xenophobe FAQ

Posted by JazLyte - October 3rd, 2009

Hey guys, just checking in for no reason whatsoever and making sure I jinx myself enough today. The reason I say that is because I'm hoping, as well as predicting (but not promising) that you'll see Xenophobe next weekend. This movie has been a long time in the making and undergone quite a few changes (such as being split into two separate 8-minute stories, 6 complete changes in soundtrack, etc..), but I'm about ready to finish it, less than another 2 minutes to go. So I'm excited, and about to haul ass to make sure I actually release something decent this year, tired of slacking. Of course by me saying this, I'm sure I'll be seduced by this mulatto chick at work who will booty call me everytime I get started animating leading me to not finish. :P This is my relationship with the universe unfortunately.

Also, my homeboy Tystarr who specializes in funny ass comic strips is doing a special diddy for his 100th strip soon, where he's allowing everybody in to make a guest comic to feature on his site Twisted Comix, go check it out, and give it a try, I did, strippin' ain't as bad as it looks. Neither is making comic strips. More info on how to get in on it HERE.


Phobe+Get featured in Twisted Comix