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JazLyte's News

Posted by JazLyte - October 18th, 2009

Hey ya'll, just thought I'd make a little blog post to say a few things that were on my mind this week. First off, thanks so much to the staff for putting my new toon Phobe on the front page, and at the top of all places. That helped make my first cartoon ever to reach over 100,000 views which may be nothing for the Rtils and Alvin Earthworms but made me the happiest motherfucker on the west side of Lansing, seriously.

I thought I'd answer a few recurring questions in reviews and PMs for people who come by my page.

Q: I didn't understand the story, there's not enough background info...
A: I made this particular toon as an analogy of how progress and tradition can clash when nobody listens to each other, and included all the info I felt necessary to get that point across. Yes, it moves fast, I know, but hopefully that helps smooth things over. I had kind of figured it was a simple concept, but maybe it's just me.

Q: Who's the main character?
A: There is none, the characters are important here, but not their individual storylines. Who's good and bad is up to the viewer I guess.

Q: What's with the bad audio quality?
A: I had to rape the hell out of the sound quality on this flash for it to fit the file size limit. Sorry it sounds bad on some parts, next toon I make, I'll just email to Tom so I don't have to do that. Nubia's ear-shattering scream however was completely intentional and meant to scare the shit out of you.

Q: Is the Necropolis Mental Disorders series going to be related to DevilSlayer?
A: Yes and no. The mythology has some of the same premise, and there's some common characters, but for future Necropolis cartoons I don't plan to make any effort to link the two stories together. DevilSlayer doesn't make any sense to me anymore and I made it.

Q: This reminds me of Samurai Champloo.
A: Champloo is one of my main inspirations, so I'd imagine so.

Q: This reminds me of the Boondocks.
A: Fuck you.

I love you Newgrounds! Keep feeding my attention jones and I'll keep making weird cartoons for you.

Xenophobe FAQ

Posted by JazLyte - October 3rd, 2009

Hey guys, just checking in for no reason whatsoever and making sure I jinx myself enough today. The reason I say that is because I'm hoping, as well as predicting (but not promising) that you'll see Xenophobe next weekend. This movie has been a long time in the making and undergone quite a few changes (such as being split into two separate 8-minute stories, 6 complete changes in soundtrack, etc..), but I'm about ready to finish it, less than another 2 minutes to go. So I'm excited, and about to haul ass to make sure I actually release something decent this year, tired of slacking. Of course by me saying this, I'm sure I'll be seduced by this mulatto chick at work who will booty call me everytime I get started animating leading me to not finish. :P This is my relationship with the universe unfortunately.

Also, my homeboy Tystarr who specializes in funny ass comic strips is doing a special diddy for his 100th strip soon, where he's allowing everybody in to make a guest comic to feature on his site Twisted Comix, go check it out, and give it a try, I did, strippin' ain't as bad as it looks. Neither is making comic strips. More info on how to get in on it HERE.


Phobe+Get featured in Twisted Comix

Posted by JazLyte - September 23rd, 2009

Despite my extreme apathy toward Madness, I recently played Krinkels in a cartoon by the one known as Dirtshake that was his Madness Day submission, oh boy the effects of alcohol on Newgrounds animators unfortunately :P

Click here to watch, candy ass. I'm Krinkels. And the black guy.

Oh and for those interested who didn't see, I put out the first episode of my new Necropolis series on DA. NG will get the special closure edition at whatever time I see fit, where Jazz-kun and Kiara-sama have hot yaoi dojinshi sex! XDXDX X3x3 lolololoroflmayo.


I'm a Madness Whore

Posted by JazLyte - September 15th, 2009

All these damn keyframes you better be glad i love you

Hey Newgrounds

Posted by JazLyte - September 7th, 2009

New toon out, Necropolis: Episode I, exclusively for DA.

Enjoy. Unfortunately, I'm not putting this on my first love Newgrounds. I've been here long enough to know that original series don't get too much play unless they're just the fucking shit, so next year, when the story arc is done I'll release it here as one big 17 minute movie (Xenophobe, of course).

All pre-production is done for the next 2 episodes, so no quits on this one. I've been working all year on gathering the acting, mixing audio, making a soundtrack, doing ALL the rough animation and just general pacing back and forth around my room.

I hope you love it! Saying that always works for Krinkels, and people would eat a burger if he shit on it.

Update: Oh, and to clarify due to a few comments (meanin one comment :P), I'm not just keeping it off NG solely because I know it won't get any publicity, I really do just want NG to get the best possible version. NG will always be the shit over DA, that's why I'm gonna have patience and make it something big instead of some of my usual "To be continued because I was too lazy to finish the story" bullshit.

New Necropolis first episode out!

Posted by JazLyte - August 26th, 2009

Nothing important, just random completion percentages and release dates that probably won't be realistic. I just do this for kicks, really, but the production stats are real.

//Xenophobe -
Storyboard: Complete
Voice Acting: Complete
Overall Audio and SFX: Complete
Animatic: Complete (Length: 10:27 minutes)
Finalized animation: 65% Done
Expected Completion Date: October

Posted by JazLyte - August 23rd, 2009

....is that I'm watching you. It is not I that is through the looking glass, but you!

The truth about my vanity and insecurity....

Posted by JazLyte - August 14th, 2009

So I watched the Japanese sub of Ponyo....

And wow, Meeyazacky-sammuh was TRULY making something for the kiddies. It didn't just have a youthful charm like Spirited Away, I mean this movie like some Dora the Explorer shit, sans the pauses that create the illusion of interactivity for a gullible mind.

Visually, I don't believe it beat Spirited away, though the animation was significantly more present than an any of his previous works (I still would've liked some shading and some more stylish colors, it just came across as old-school to me). But nonetheless, it was enjoyable, and Ponyo and Sosuke's interactions were completely fucking adorable.

I say watch it, but it's no Princess Mononoke (Pleasefortheloveofgodhayaomakeasequel ), This is truly made for 8's and under.

Oh, and dis-n***a-ry-cheer, is shockingly a man.

Watched Ponyo in Japanese

Posted by JazLyte - August 10th, 2009

I just got back from seeing GI Joe, and it was pretty damn sweet. Nothing revolutionary as far as plot, mythology and storytelling, and the 3D parts are less than realistic, but the action scenes will give you the sex face. The highlight of the movie being a chase scene in Paris involving metal steroid armor, the best character would be Snake Eyes because he says nothing, and the most stupid, annoying character would go to Rex. Shocking to me was the fact that Marlon Wayans had a subtle enough presence as the comic relief to where he wasn't that annoying guy in every action flick that's supposed to be funny but isn't.

tldr: GI Joe was good stupid fun.

Go watch it.

GI Joe is Kul

Posted by JazLyte - July 24th, 2009

Hey Newgrounds. You'll be seeing a flash from me soon, next weekend at the latest. I'm down to the last scene of my toon Xenophobe, it'll be 7 minutes of crazy futuristic African bullshit with no apparent cause. The story as a whole is a 2-fer, so this is the first tale I'll be giving you this year. The first scene is here in the portal already so you know what's in store for you.

Hope you're frothing at the fucking mouth with excitement,

Love, Jazz

Also, look at what I just came across. Hahaha, who's the fucking artistic genius who made this shit XD

Xenophobe Nearing Completion