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JazLyte's News

Posted by JazLyte - January 29th, 2012

Go ahead, I'll wait.


Posted by JazLyte - January 3rd, 2012

Hey faggots :D So it's a new year, say goodbye to 2011's bullshit, hello end of the world! And I by end of the world, I mean end of America! Wheee! In light of SOPA, IDB and the repeal of DADT(If there's ever a draft, tickling the recruiter won't work anymore) I've arranged to come live in Argentina with my sweaty internet latin lover Hulalaoo to shelter myself from the storm!

2011 wasn't a big year for my art, I barely did shit. I made more money off of my art than ever, but I was more indecisive and unproductive than ever. I 'gave up' on Necropolis only to end up writing potential new ones anyway... So there may be at least an ending this year... Blahdy blah.

The name of the game this year is to just quit second-guessing myself. I like making long "faux-cinematic" Flash, and i'll be continuing to do so in some capacity regardless of what little monetary potential there is, and I plan to break into more gaymes as well. I'll be trying to bring a team together for a new UrbanLyte, and I've been stockpiling web comics as well, just to test the waters on that end. I promise I'll never have another lazy ass year like that, I'll probably end up sucking dick on the streets if I do >.>

So here's to hoping that 2012 will be the year people on NG start making action and drama again! More violence! More emotion! More ART. Less CHEDDAR. Less BROKEN PROMISES, MORE CORNY FLASH ANIME! Cheers! :D

Occupy: Frontpage Space

Posted by JazLyte - December 7th, 2011

Don't everybody rush to make a Skyrim cartoon all at once. It's such a maverick approach, nobody else will dare

Hey Now 2: The Reckoning

Posted by JazLyte - November 17th, 2011


Yeah, you.

Posted by JazLyte - October 25th, 2011

I'm making a short documentary about words that piss people off. How many of you are offended by the word n****r or any slur that might be targeted at you like fag, spic, etc...?


N****r Poll.

Posted by JazLyte - September 23rd, 2011

So Madness Day has cum and went, and I'm glad to see people still participating even though I reluctantly chose to drop my entry. If I'm not mistaken, Madness is NG's longest running action series, and it's good to see that it still has the power to make you lazy fucks want to animate action/violence again.

Now don't you all run and do this at once...but maybe... stay with me... we should animate more action flash for the rest of the year too... and not just for Madness and Pico Day. MAYBE. I'm just sayin.

Don't all rush to do this at once but...

Posted by JazLyte - August 31st, 2011

Take you cranial gizzards on a journey babeh...
This is my buddy Shomari's portfolio, and his artwork is 100% mind sex. Last year we brainstormed a lot together, and when I go back to school our dorm room is going to brutally and swiftly reshaped into an animation studio. Expect collaboration that will make the world cum, then sit back and contemplate our bonership.

Click it and open wide for rape.

Mind Sex.

Posted by JazLyte - August 18th, 2011

We lose. Teehee :3

Cartoons Blow Ass.

Posted by JazLyte - August 10th, 2011

The world's a fucked up place,
but I live my life in a bubble of safety.
I've had little teaspoon tastes of the wasteland outside,
but nothing like the main course. No, nothing at all.
Yet still, I wear my tiny little battle paper cuts proudly.
I'll talk down to others who don't have as many paper cuts as I do,
then I'll pick up and carry a stinky little cross with pretty stickers on it and carry it arrogantly.
My stinky little cross is special, no one else has stickers that are as pretty,
and I'll tell you how the trauma from my paper cuts spoke to me and told me to put this tiny piece of stinky wood on my back.
Do not treat me as your equal,
I am not.
In fact, I'm better than you, but I won't tell you that because you can't handle the truth.
So I'll snicker to myself and others with stinky little crosses.
I know that you admire me when I tell you to shut up, that's what you want.
I know that you admire me when I laugh at your little cross, that's what you want.
I know that you admire me when I ask you to hide so that I can pretend you don't exist, that's what you want.
All the time you're drudging through my request, you're wishing you were me.
You see, we're all headed for the same cliff, and nobody knows what's over the edge... except me.
Knowing something never particularly made it true, but knowing is easy and safe.
The truth of the matter is,
while I'm carrying my stinky little cross, you are carrying a cross that's much heavier.
Your cross is me.
Your cross to carry is me trying to convince you to go become someone else's cross so that they will envy you as you envy me.
You do not exist, only I and He.
Now bend over,
open the book,
apply the lube,


Stinky Little Cross

Posted by JazLyte - July 22nd, 2011

Hey everybody, thanks for all the nice reviews and votes on my latest frash frolic //euNICE, and to the staff for the Robot Day prize, I needed that semi-loud, awkward "w00p!" in the middle of the library, that made me the happiest faggot in Chicago today :D

...See you on Madness Day >B3

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