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JazLyte's News

Posted by JazLyte - March 19th, 2015

Hey NG, back with more somewhat-JazLyte-toons that I directed for FOX ADHD's YouTube channel and website. I didn't do character designs for these, so they look pretty different than what I'd make on my own, or Anime Family Matters which was basically just my drawing style.

However, I assure you (plethora of notes and edits from execs aside), these are maybe like 76% JAZLYTE BABY.

Enjoy! With that said, I've been trying to frankenstein everything I've learned from school and studio work into some new toonage coming soon.

ABOUT MY LAST CARTOON (Feet Night at Chochi's)

To those who saw the ill-fated last solo cartoon I uploaded and actually enjoyed it, I'm sorry to say that as hard as I worked on it, I won't be reposting it. I've decided due to complete and utter cowardice at all this Je Suis Charlie shit recently that I don't want such a thing next to my name. It was offensive in the type of way that actually causes artists problems these days, and thusly the anxiety and the possible response just isn't worth the trouble.  Still working on more new horrible wonders, be ready dammit.  


Posted by JazLyte - January 28th, 2015

Hey lovely people! You may remember me from such things as the Great Newgrounds Anime Craze of the 2000's. Well, people grow up. Thanks to all the jeering, love and hatred of this community, I've started a descent into the maddening world of television animation. 

Those who follow me may think I haven't been producing any cartoons, but actually I've been making lots. If you follow FOX Animation Domination High Def you've been watching JazLyte Toons (or toons infected by my animation, storyboarding, designs or backgrounds) for a good chunk of 2014. 

Actually got to direct this one!

Thanks to my shameful addiction to this indie art monster that is Newgrounds, internet cartoons, which were once a harmful obsession, now pay my bills. So to those who helped create this monster, thank you, you are the best! Expect more horrors to come.

Now that I've safely burrowed into the buttocks of the larger animation industry, I've started working on new personal cartoons again, and like all shameless internet whores you can become a part of the problem and support my work on Patreon!

Not that I won't just make cartoons for you for free anyway, but best believe that when I'm done working __ hours a week for FOX, my need to create has not dwindled and I still have lots of animated love and hate to give. Supporting me with what you'd spend on a delicious McDonald's Dollar Menu snack you'll get access to production art, animatics, tutorials and more just to prove that you're better than everybody else!

Fun fact, if everybody who follows me puts in $1 (ONLY for when I create content), that would be more than enough it would take for me to perform lewd sexual acts, let alone make more cartoons when I'm done making cartoons at work. Food for thought! 

Enjoy your day, Newgrounds, and Newgrounds Staff. I love you, seriously. You changed my life.




Posted by JazLyte - May 15th, 2014

New toonage, right here babeh! Non-serious, raunchy and definitely contains a fight scene.



This will actually be the last Sheep Sh!t toon, I put some love into that animation, so don't treat it like a high class whore. I had fun with the project for those who saw it last year; and for the record, it made more sense than Necropolis. I'll be continuing to do cartoons that are kind of a similar style, but to be completely honest I found that there was a shit ton of ovid-people in my demo reel and I realized that I hadn't really been as diverse as I'd like to with my character designs. The older I get, the more I start to feel that when you're a solo entity making one-shots, "brand umbrellas" seem kind of unnecessary. 

In other news, I'm done with animation school and moving to Burbank soon with no job and barely any cash and big cock dreams. Wish bad things on me so that I can feed off it and grow larger than ever like some type of horrible, ethereal mainstream rapper.

Posted by JazLyte - October 27th, 2013

Another week, another art dump! This week I did character re-designs for my all-time favorite cartoon, Samurai Champloo, but 70's as a part of a character design midterm. Read 'em and weep.



Samurai Champloo, 70's Style

Posted by JazLyte - October 18th, 2013

If I make headlines in third person will people give a fuck about my art? Who gives a fuck, click here and Tumbl down my hole, heteros :D

Follow me biatches. New toons coming soon, returning to action toonage and more masturbatory comedy, promise. In the meantime, kill me, senior year is bullshit.

[pic below]

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Posted by JazLyte - September 14th, 2013

Full Episodes 1 & 2 on Nick.com.

T'was meh. Entertaining enough, but the setup for this season was really sloppy and rushed. I wish they had given us a chance to actually get to know Tonraq and Unalaq before they started trying to "shock" us with their "twists." Didn't need Mako to be a cop, the shitty new Fire Ferrets or the airball race. And Makorra is fucking awful. It was the worst thing about the first season, and there's 8x as much of it now. I'm just unimpressed. Nothing about this premiere strikes me as particularly well-thought-out. Very, very fat and sloppily executed. Just like "Newgrounds anime".

Korra Season Premiere.

Posted by JazLyte - July 13th, 2013

Read 'em and weep!

Now, I don't know a lot about cooking shows, but some portly old white bitch saying the N-word is A-okay with me :3

(Yeah I get it, she's a life-troll, big fuckin' deal, who isn't? We all suck. Let's suck together!)

Also, resuming Sheep Sh!t, err Friday, err week!
This Week's Comic
Last Week's Bullshit

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Paula Deen Fanart :D

Posted by JazLyte - April 20th, 2013

Posted by JazLyte - April 5th, 2013

Posted by JazLyte - March 15th, 2013

It's official, taking off on my first ever publicized web comic series, SHEEP SH!T! It's about bovid-people being classy and battling for love and honooorrrrr. Like the pageand end every work week with horror and disgust. Updates every Friday here on Nwegronds, Devinatart and Fabecook! Third comic's up hot and fresh now!

Still grinding at some new toonage for you guys, but baby steps getting back into the indie art game. In the mean time, eat this shit!

Sheep Sh!t. Eat it.