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The Current Rundown

Posted by JazLyte - May 22nd, 2017

This is just something to get the post about the now-defunct Hyenaville webcomic off of my page, because I'm just animating Hyenaville instead. There should be at least one more this year after Free Ride, depending on the comfort of my work situation.

I generally post gifs of animation I'm proud of on Twitter @JazLyte for my current projects, you know what to do. See you in a few months.


Comments (3)

You should make an occasional blog post with a proud animation segment on NG :3

On that note - is there a feature update on NG that would make that more enticing? Like if you could just post a GIF up to a stream right on your user page and have it go out to your fans in their feeds without being part of the Art Portal / News posts?

I think I will actually! I suppose what attracted me to Twitter for that sort of thing is the ease of visibility/spreading small blurbs of content/information.

You honestly hit the nail on the head, if there were some stream of info like that where I could instantly send things like gifs and blog entries to an easily accessible place for my followers that would definitely make it more enticing. Maybe if there were a box similar to the 'Latest From Your Friends & Favorites' but only for my friends and favorites' blog posts? If you could put an image of a gif with it that would be pretty sick!

Wait, I see that the 'more' section/newgrounds social thing is pretty much what I just described. I hadn't even noticed. Maybe the newgrounds social page should be played up more, I admittedly didn't even know about it until now when I looked.

Killer work on the last one dude, cant wait for the next animation!

We're in the process of overhauling user pages right now and one of the plans is an activity feed that lets people see everything you've been up to chronologically. Plus people who follow you will already see your blog posts in their feed - we do need to work on making that a more prominent feature. I wonder if it should be THE prominent feature that dominates the front page, like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and all other social media nowadays... It would reduce the ability of the front page to feature unknown artists / staff picks but there could be some happy middleground.

Maybe instead of SPONSORED promos in your feed like on other sites, we just insert STAFF PICKS into feeds for people who aren't following artists we think they should check out... That could be pretty slick.

I dig, I dig. I would be really sad to see the front page go honestly, that's always been the best place to discover quality, high-effort stuff, but I trust you, I know you got the ideas!