Entry #156

New WEBCOMIC Off and Running.

2016-10-17 12:22:35 by JazLyte

Hey guys, been awhile! After 6 years of school and trying to grow the fuck up, I have finally found time (I say this very loosely) and an outlet for all of the ideas I had planned on tackling with my old Necropolis cartoons, a new webcomic called Hyenaville! 

It's an drama/comedy/action diddy about a shit city full of depraved people eating each other alive. Figuratively in most cases. Check out the new pages every MONDAY and FRIDAY here on Newgrounds in my ART SECTION or at http://hyenaville.com!

Also, LIKE HYENAVILLE on Facebook and get the new pages every week with no fucking effort! Hope it makes you smile, sluts!

Here's the first 3 pages to get you started, slugger.



See you FRIDAY with a new page! 


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2016-10-19 00:14:33

pepperspray in the mouth, that'll spice things up!


2016-12-05 00:29:50

I miss your work, hope life is good for you. Be well!


2017-02-26 02:26:07

Sick comic bro look forward to seeing the colour version


2017-05-05 00:33:16

You're not dead? I'm surprised.

JazLyte responds:

Right? Shit, I'm surprised.