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DevilSlayer 3 in the form of a new miniseries?

2007-07-17 21:40:09 by JazLyte

Wassup yall! DevilSlayer 3 will be out semptember, one scene of it is in my first DevilSlayer music video, -A3-'s Woke Up This Morning. Take a look, but it's up to you to guess the scene. Peace!

UPDATE: I've decided that DevilSlayer 3 will be in the form of a new series just for fun :) Nightclub's the name, episode 01's out already, so go watchit! P.S. watch ver. 2.0, it's better

DevilSlayer 3 in the form of a new miniseries?


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2007-08-14 10:17:02

Really love your work dude. I really like the way you approach the anime genre its really nice to see someone bold enough to take something and twist it into something amazing theres no lack of originality in your flashes I really think your onto something dude! You have alot of potential enough to even open up a whole new branch to the anime genre i may just be another fanboy expressing how much i like your work but i don't give compliments like this often perhaps we could even exchange artwork sometime really hoping to see more of your flashes soon!

JazLyte responds:

Thanks man, really glad you like my work. :) I'd love to see some of you art, hit me up on AIM.


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