Entry #140

New Beginnings. Bigger ones.

2013-01-22 03:14:00 by JazLyte

Hey there, Newgrounds, remember me? No? Fuck you too.

So I've been getting a fair amount of questions and such about more Necropolis toons in reviews, on DA, on Facebook and such, but sadly I was serious when I said I wasn't going to be doing any more. I'm glad people remember these toons existed after so long, I really am :D But it's been 2 years since the last one, and I've grown a little as a writer and an artist since I made the series. Necropolis was fueled mostly by anger toward religion that has long since turned to apathy. I attempted to create countless endings to what I had planned to be a trilogy, but nothing fit. I put such an obscene amount of time into the cartoons (mostly spent on things that never ended up going public and changing my mind) that it just got harder and harder to work on, and I never really had any particular direction with the story in mind. It was written by someone that's not me anymore, someone whose ass I'd kick if I met him now...

BUT. This is not to say I'm not doing anything anymore. Not to say I'll never concoct another dark comedy/action series.


This is not to say that at all.

This is more to promise a new beginning if any of my old audience is still haunting NG anymore... If anybody here still likes things that are silly, violent and over-the-top. Things that say way too much about the artist who made it, way more than he cares to even tell people close to him. I think you might be pleased with what's coming. It's not an offshoot of Devilslayer or Necropolis, it just is what it is. It's just a story about a guy named Charlie, who loves the children and the Native Americans and the police and bubblebaths, and bats with barbed wire and his fantastical little world in the deserts of the American West. Take that for whatever you like, I think you'll enjoy it. I'll keep you posted B3

In the meantime, I'm Tumbling here, and being Deviant here, and...and Booking... Faces... here.


PS: New Art, give it a look.

New Beginnings. Bigger ones.


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2013-01-22 05:28:10

" silly, violent and over-the-top"
I think that describes %99 of NG users...

at any rate, welcome back...mr anderson.

JazLyte responds:

I profess to be nothing more. That's why I love NG, it's just whatever the fuck. That should be in the window bar.


2013-01-22 06:02:55

I've read hundreds of posts here, and very rarely do I see a change in perspective that inspires me.
Go your own course Kalen, and shit will be crackin', I'm sure!

JazLyte responds:



2013-01-22 08:04:56

Lets followww yaaaa on da tumblrz. I love your stuff man.

JazLyte responds:

Take my body.


2013-01-22 14:21:41

Good to hear, man. Can't wait.

JazLyte responds:

Good to hear you. Can't wait for...you.


2013-01-23 03:10:27

Charlie sounds like a bad-ass.

JazLyte responds:

He is bad and an ass.


2013-02-03 15:02:23

lets kiss

JazLyte responds:

Oh god please let's


2013-02-11 09:52:01

I just recently discovered Necropolis (which is weird becuase I've been on Newgrounds for like 6 years), so it's good to know there's more to come from you.

(Updated ) JazLyte responds:

Indeed there is.


2013-03-03 10:56:05

Well it sucks there's not going to be another Necropolis, but hey, if you forced another one (or two) it would probably just suck anyway. The reason people ask about that one is because it has been your most intriguing series. You clearly put a lot of work and energy into it. I think if you did that again on something that more fit your new personality/style/interests/whatever it would be just as good if not better.