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Hyenaville Fuckdates

2017-06-07 17:22:19 by JazLyte

Hey guys, thanks for votes on Free Ride for Best of May! Awesome to be contrinuting seriously to the 'Grounds again, this was definitely incentinve to keep it moving!

Unfortunately I don't quite have time at the moment to jump into the next Hyenaville movie; as some of you know I'm also a greenhorn with a lukewarm future in mainstream animation that I need to secure, so I need to spend my last months at Warner Bros revamping my portfolio and probably taking classes to ensure that I'll be able to eat in the Winter. As easy as doing indie shit comes to me, I might as well be a toddler at work so the chances of another Free Ride-ish thing happening before snow hits the ground is slim.

I won't be a stranger though, I have a few Hyenaville shorties frontloaded in case I hit a crisis about who owns my right hand again. In the meantime, I'll try and make a point to share my portfolio work here and on my other social media as well. Here, shut up and have some example drawings. Click here to see the 'professional' portfolio of a pseudo-commercial artist.






The Current Rundown

2017-05-22 10:43:45 by JazLyte

This is just something to get the post about the now-defunct Hyenaville webcomic off of my page, because I'm just animating Hyenaville instead. There should be at least one more this year after Free Ride, depending on the comfort of my work situation.

I generally post gifs of animation I'm proud of on Twitter @JazLyte for my current projects, you know what to do. See you in a few months.


New WEBCOMIC Off and Running.

2016-10-17 12:22:35 by JazLyte

Hey guys, been awhile! After 6 years of school and trying to grow the fuck up, I have finally found time (I say this very loosely) and an outlet for all of the ideas I had planned on tackling with my old Necropolis cartoons, a new webcomic called Hyenaville! 

It's an drama/comedy/action diddy about a shit city full of depraved people eating each other alive. Figuratively in most cases. Check out the new pages every MONDAY and FRIDAY here on Newgrounds in my ART SECTION or at http://hyenaville.com!

Also, LIKE HYENAVILLE on Facebook and get the new pages every week with no fucking effort! Hope it makes you smile, sluts!

Here's the first 3 pages to get you started, slugger.



See you FRIDAY with a new page! 


HEY ASSHOLES, another Saturday another LiveStream of our animation studio pathetically clambering to make a cartoon in 3 hours! Come in and notice us, sempai B)

(Last week's cartoon!)


New Show Airing + Invaded SpindoTV

2016-01-30 22:40:05 by JazLyte

Oh boy, I have not uploaded a cartoon in damn near 8 months and I am sorry if anybody actually remembers that I exist. I used to make flash anime and now my life is consumed by making art for the man, man. Jesus, this needs to change. 

Anyway, I'm currently and for the past 6 months been haunting ShadowMachine, (where in the kitchen I met animator badass DonkeysBazooka by complete accident, who works there on Bojack Horseman) first working on Greatest Party Stories for MTV as an animator, and even a "lead" animator at one point, and if you've seen the show you've seen animation by yours truly including but not limited to: (I'd show more, but they're from unaired episodes)


If you haven't seen the show, check it out on Thursday nights whenever the fuck it's 10:30pm in California, figure it out yourself, I'm an artist, I'm not gonna fuckin do math for you. There's a hell of a lot more of my animation in this show and it's some of my best.

Also, between productions I did storyboards for SpindoTV, a collection of web toons for a demographic I've completely ignored since I've starting making cartoons. I boarded these two things: 

WHAT I'M SAYING IS NEWGROUNDS, I'M NOT DEAD. I'm just a working stiff and my personal stuff is taking significantly longer, but don't worry, it's coming. Boy is it coming. An action toon. The be all end all. Watch, you'll love it, go away though right now.

JazLyte Reads to Your Kids

2015-05-10 18:16:38 by JazLyte


New Cartoon's Permanent Home

2015-04-03 21:09:34 by JazLyte

For those who missed it, I've put up my last delicious nightmare again, permanently, after having a dumb crisis of conscience over it. But more to myself than you, this cartoon has nothing to do with race, religion or gender. It's just some shit I thought was funny. Da end. :3

>>ENJOY "Feet Night at Chochi's" HERE!<<


There's new things in the works I want to brag about and so many things I want to say about the quality and volume of my work lately and what I wish I had done and what I would rather be doing, but artists should speak with their work. Or at least, don't come to the table without food... Yeah... I'll stick with that one.

Stay sexy, Newgrounds!

More to come!

New Cartoon Re-re-Posted. Blow me, universe.

2015-03-25 12:56:02 by JazLyte

Enjoy, vote and tell me what a horrible person I am! It's permanent this time, just gonna own the things I create. More toons soon, gentlemen. There sure is a lack of gunkata and social commentary around here.


Batch Of Stuff I Directed

2015-03-19 18:14:36 by JazLyte

Hey NG, back with more somewhat-JazLyte-toons that I directed for FOX ADHD's YouTube channel and website. I didn't do character designs for these, so they look pretty different than what I'd make on my own, or Anime Family Matters which was basically just my drawing style.

However, I assure you (plethora of notes and edits from execs aside), these are maybe like 76% JAZLYTE BABY.

Enjoy! With that said, I've been trying to frankenstein everything I've learned from school and studio work into some new toonage coming soon.

ABOUT MY LAST CARTOON (Feet Night at Chochi's)

To those who saw the ill-fated last solo cartoon I uploaded and actually enjoyed it, I'm sorry to say that as hard as I worked on it, I won't be reposting it. I've decided due to complete and utter cowardice at all this Je Suis Charlie shit recently that I don't want such a thing next to my name. It was offensive in the type of way that actually causes artists problems these days, and thusly the anxiety and the possible response just isn't worth the trouble.  Still working on more new horrible wonders, be ready dammit.  


My Shit's on FOX (and Patreon)

2015-01-28 14:07:50 by JazLyte

Hey lovely people! You may remember me from such things as the Great Newgrounds Anime Craze of the 2000's. Well, people grow up. Thanks to all the jeering, love and hatred of this community, I've started a descent into the maddening world of television animation. 

Those who follow me may think I haven't been producing any cartoons, but actually I've been making lots. If you follow FOX Animation Domination High Def you've been watching JazLyte Toons (or toons infected by my animation, storyboarding, designs or backgrounds) for a good chunk of 2014. 

Actually got to direct this one!

Thanks to my shameful addiction to this indie art monster that is Newgrounds, internet cartoons, which were once a harmful obsession, now pay my bills. So to those who helped create this monster, thank you, you are the best! Expect more horrors to come.

Now that I've safely burrowed into the buttocks of the larger animation industry, I've started working on new personal cartoons again, and like all shameless internet whores you can become a part of the problem and support my work on Patreon!

Not that I won't just make cartoons for you for free anyway, but best believe that when I'm done working __ hours a week for FOX, my need to create has not dwindled and I still have lots of animated love and hate to give. Supporting me with what you'd spend on a delicious McDonald's Dollar Menu snack you'll get access to production art, animatics, tutorials and more just to prove that you're better than everybody else!

Fun fact, if everybody who follows me puts in $1 (ONLY for when I create content), that would be more than enough it would take for me to perform lewd sexual acts, let alone make more cartoons when I'm done making cartoons at work. Food for thought! 

Enjoy your day, Newgrounds, and Newgrounds Staff. I love you, seriously. You changed my life.